The War of the Fork

The reactionary forces of Bitcoin Cash SV are trying to stave off the rebel forces of Bitcoin Cash ABC. May the strongest hashrate win.

Much ado about Bitcoin Cash

Key players from the BCH community weigh in on the hash war that could split the network. Neither believes we need to be worried.

Blockchain Western

A self-proclaimed Apache Chieftain says he is using blockchain to rebuild his scattered tribe.


SEC orders EtherDelta to pay nearly $400k in fines for running an “unregistered securities exchange,” placing the future of all decentralized exchanges in jeopardy.

When will Ethereum grow up?

After years of research, it now is moving towards a more scalable future. But the community doesn’t think it will happen any time soon.

Mutably preserved

After soaring up the iTunes charts, Apple disappeared Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain podcast—without warning or explanation—only to put it right back up within days.

Web 3’s house of cards

Decentralization promises a censorship-free vision of the internet–it just needs to find a way of not using the censored and controlled version of the web we have currently.

Room to breathe

ShapeShift ending user privacy cost the company customers, and potentially, it’s coveted position as the biggest anonymous exchange. The company says that’s a good thing.