The whistle-blowing wizard

With big changes to multi-billion-dollar blockchain Ethereum on the horizon, developers like Greg Colvin find themselves suddenly in the spotlight.

The Polkadot Princess

Polkadot’s Jutta Steiner explains how the new protocol will usher in an explosion of innovation. Interoperability between blockchains is merely a by-product.

The sort-of secret blockchain

Ethereum’s new roadmap is ambitious. But its core developers are meeting in a “safe space” to get the job done. Here’s what happened at today’s session.

Cats and Doge

Dogecoin has been in the dog house. As it approaches its fifth birthday, a new platform update and an unorthodox alliance offer a glimpse of a brighter future.

Tezos’s timid trailblazer

Tezos has gone from the brink of disaster to downplaying its success. Co-founder Arthur Breitman tells us how, why and what’s next on his wish list.

Parity’s promise

The blockchain developer unveils a blockchain that can be built in 60 minutes, is this the killer app we’ve all been waiting for?

Bots on the blocks

The promise of billions of smart objects communicating with us and each other securely and efficiently via the blockchain is not so very far away.

A work in progress

Panelists at the crypto springs conference say startups need to focus on user experience, and helping journalists hang them out to dry.