MetaMask makes amends

Dapp browsers have been leaking public addresses to all user-visited sites. At Devcon, MetaMask shows it’s getting a grip on the situation.

Hedge your bets

Stablecoin developer MakerDAO is opening the door to all ERC-20 tokens to help make it more stable. Some are worried this is a gamble too far.

Ethereum’s road to redemption

Ethereum has been criticized for its ability to cope with high volume. Co-founder Vitalik Buterin puts forward Serenity, the next stage towards a scalable solution.

Stablecoin’s secret

The number of stablecoins has exploded in 2018 as companies line up to provide safe havens for scorned crypto investors. But their motivations are far from selfless.

The name game

Finding Dapps and services on the decentralized web is about as fun as fealty. The Ethereum Name Service wants to make things easier, if it can find enough users to buy into it.

On the Verge of fair gambling

Crypto is beginning to flood into a new version of Minesweeper which uses the cryptocurrency Verge. It claims its odds are fair but can it prove it?

Daylight robbery

A wallet stashed in a bank was hacked for $230,000, and no one seems to know how.’s attempt to fix the problem does more harm than good.

Chainlink ascends

Controversial 4Chan board, /biz/, and its NSFW prophet, have long seen Chainlink as the Holy Grail of crypto. Will its new partnership raise it to the sky or expose it as a cult?

Amazon Coin not out for delivery

The much-rumored e-commerce giant’s own cryptocurrency has been “around the corner” for a long time. Its new partnership with Qtum shows what they are really planning.

Google’s foray into crypto

Google has created its own internet, a global private network used by its cloud platform. Now, CyberMiles is helping that network to support blockchains.

Tether is cut adrift

Like a journalist reporting from a flood, Tether is struggling to stay on its feet. Can it hold onto the title of crypto’s foremost stablecoin?

Dr. Doom goes to Washington

True to form, economist Nouriel Roubini blasts all things crypto at a Senate hearing today. Unsurprisingly, crypto experts say he’s way off base.

Tough but fair

Horizen updates its Bitcoin-derived consensus algorithm after suffering a 51% attack. It introduces new rules that act like a referee who lets some things slide.