Understanding the Tether fuss

U.S. regulators are reportedly looking into whether the controversial “stablecoin,” and crypto exchange Bitfinex, artificially fluffled bitcoin during last years price surge. Here’s an explainer.

Much ado about Bitcoin Cash

Key players from the BCH community weigh in on the hash war that could split the network. Neither believes we need to be worried.

Mutably preserved

After soaring up the iTunes charts, Apple disappeared Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain podcast—without warning or explanation—only to put it right back up within days.

Uncle Sam’s bargain bitcoins

The U.S. government is putting out a call for bitcoin shoppers looking for a steal. Buyers “associated with terrorism” need not apply.

Dr. Doom goes to Washington

True to form, economist Nouriel Roubini blasts all things crypto at a Senate hearing today. Unsurprisingly, crypto experts say he’s way off base.