Bitcoin Jesus slapped with lawsuit

BCH hard fork co-conspirators sued by tech company. ConsenSys lays off 13 percent of staff. Anthony Pompliano faces off against Nouriel Roubini on Twitter.

For the privileged few

Tether’s new trading platform will finally allow traders to directly “redeem” tethers for dollars. So long as they’ve got a minimum of $100,000 in the bank.

Understanding the Tether fuss

U.S. regulators are reportedly looking into whether the controversial “stablecoin,” and crypto exchange Bitfinex, artificially fluffled bitcoin during last years price surge. Here’s an explainer.

Cats and Doge

Dogecoin has been in the dog house. As it approaches its fifth birthday, a new platform update and an unorthodox alliance offer a glimpse of a brighter future.

The War of the Fork

The reactionary forces of Bitcoin Cash SV are trying to stave off the rebel forces of Bitcoin Cash ABC. May the strongest hashrate win.