Bitcoin Jesus slapped with lawsuit

BCH hard fork co-conspirators sued by tech company. ConsenSys lays off 13 percent of staff. Anthony Pompliano faces off against Nouriel Roubini on Twitter.

Bitcoin lobbyists take on the government…again

A group of high-powered Wall Street-allied crypto exchanges—among them VanEck, SolidX, and Cboe BZX —took to the SEC on Friday to make the case for a bitcoin exchange-traded fund, which investors believe would inject a massive influx of institutional money into the market. And pull us out of this bear market forever and ever, amen. […]

Gab tries to defend itself

Gab defends itself against report that it’s primarily a platform for racists. Satoshi makes a possible return. Celebs fined for plugging fraudulent ICO.

Insider Tirade

Lawsuit alleges Coinbase enabled insider trading. USDC ‘stablecoin’ fully backed, says auditor. McAfee voted ‘most influential’ man in crypto.


Bitcoin, as those of you who are now bankrupt will know, is falling apart at the seams, along with most of the other currencies (besides Ripple). Overnight, Bitcoin managed to sink to a new low, at $4,500, knocking a further $3 billion off the market. (Debrief lost $700 million—please send donations to [email protected]). So it […]

Normal business model

ICO doomsday looms. Ripple overtakes Ethereum amid full-scale market collapse. John McAfee has interesting new way of dealing with annoying house guests.

Binance sucks up to the man

Binance urges Iranian customers to withdraw crypto funds. Trailer for $2.4 million-valued crypto card game drops. McAfee gets in on the art scene.

Daily Debrief. November 15, 2018.

It’s Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork day. And it’s still stupid. But it’s also important. Please read this so I can explain why. Please. For those living under a rock/living a regular, healthy life, the Bitcoin Cash community is riven with disagreements over today’s scheduled BCH software upgrade. Craig S. Wright, the chief scientist at research […]

Code is (against the) law

SEC confirms that developers of decentralized exchanges are culpable. Craig Wright’s odds improve ahead of BCH hard fork. EOS exercises centralized power.

Bitcoin Cash approaches reckoning

Partisan forces in Bitcoin Cash fracas mobilize ahead of hard fork. Shrem, one-upping the Winklevii, has assets unfrozen. Teachers busted for mining ETH.

Fork Support. November 8, 2018.

Seven of the top ten major exchanges—OKex, Bitforex, Binance, Huobi, Upbit, Coinbase Pro, and Coinsuper—have announced that, in the event of a Bitcoin Cash hard fork on November 15, they will support both resulting currencies. As it stands, no one knows Bitcoin Cash’s fate. What was intended to be a routine upgrade has devolved into […]