Tether is cut adrift

Like a journalist reporting from a flood, Tether is struggling to stay on its feet. Can it hold onto the title of crypto’s foremost stablecoin?

Dr. Doom goes to Washington

True to form, economist Nouriel Roubini blasts all things crypto at a Senate hearing today. Unsurprisingly, crypto experts say he’s way off base.

Tough but fair

Horizen updates its Bitcoin-derived consensus algorithm after suffering a 51% attack. It introduces new rules that act like a referee who lets some things slide.

Flogging a dead horse

Binance will be donating new listing fees to charity in its move toward a decentralized exchange. But it’s not as generous as it seems.

A work in progress

Panelists at the crypto springs conference say startups need to focus on user experience, and helping journalists hang them out to dry.

The Blockchain State

With the passage of two distributed-ledger bills this week, California—the cradle of technology in the U.S.— is simply playing catch up.