The reputation game

Blockchain startups like Semada and Bounties Network want to revolutionize the jobs market. Some are worried it’s a change for the worse.

Blockchain Western

A self-proclaimed Apache Chieftain says he is using blockchain to rebuild his scattered tribe.

Web 3’s house of cards

Decentralization promises a censorship-free vision of the internet–it just needs to find a way of not using the censored and controlled version of the web we have currently.

The canary in the cryptomine

EternalBlue, the software vulnerability that crippled hundreds of thousands of devices is still alive. And it’s been fitted with a deadly strain of crypto-jacking malware.

Blockchain’s Mechanical Turk

Decentralized alternatives to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk could provide millions of better paying microtask jobs, if they ever get their acts together.

Bots on the blocks

The promise of billions of smart objects communicating with us and each other securely and efficiently via the blockchain is not so very far away.

Google’s foray into crypto

Google has created its own internet, a global private network used by its cloud platform. Now, CyberMiles is helping that network to support blockchains.

Infrastructure or Apps?

The chicken or the egg is a false dichotomy. Union Square Ventures’ Dani Grant explains why developers ought to instead think about iterative cycles and “irruptions.”

How to create a person

Identity technology could provide financial and government services to billions, but should one company hold all that data?

Blockchain by any other name

Wannabe blockchain killer Hedera Hashgraph is building its own ecosystem to mount a challenge to blockchain’s dominance. But is the grass as green as it’s promising?