Dr. Doom goes to Washington

True to form, economist Nouriel Roubini blasts all things crypto at a Senate hearing today. Unsurprisingly, crypto experts say he’s way off base.

Royal decrees. September 19, 2018.

The venerable New York Office of the Attorney General has found several cryptocurrency exchanges to be vulnerable to market manipulation, in “potential violation of New York’s virtual currency regulations,” as well as, apparently, rather un-fussed about it all.  Indeed, exchanges Binance, Gate.io, and Kraken’s refused to participate at all in the investigation, much to the […]

Stormclouds-a-gatherin’. September 10, 2018.

Ethereum inventor Vitalik Buterin delivered some sobering news at Bloomberg’s Ethereum Industry Summit in Hong Kong last week. Buterin declared that the rapid crypto boom, which has seen vertiginous gains since 2008, was well and truly dead. Unsurprisingly, he expressed more hope for blockchain-related “use cases” that don’t solely involve cryptocurrencies, and have smart, underlying technology. […]

August 24, 2018. Mind the miners.

The Securities and Exchange Commission is playing hard to get. Less than one day after the agency roundly rejected nine proposals for a bitcoin exchange traded fund—citing the currency’s instability—it has discreetly opted to “review” its decision. But like all flaky lovers, the Commission may yet backtrack once more. BREAKING: The U.S. Securities and Exchange […]