For the privileged few

Tether’s new trading platform will finally allow traders to directly “redeem” tethers for dollars. So long as they’ve got a minimum of $100,000 in the bank.

Insider Tirade

Lawsuit alleges Coinbase enabled insider trading. USDC ‘stablecoin’ fully backed, says auditor. McAfee voted ‘most influential’ man in crypto.

Understanding the Tether fuss

U.S. regulators are reportedly looking into whether the controversial “stablecoin,” and crypto exchange Bitfinex, artificially fluffled bitcoin during last years price surge. Here’s an explainer.


Bitcoin, as those of you who are now bankrupt will know, is falling apart at the seams, along with most of the other currencies (besides Ripple). Overnight, Bitcoin managed to sink to a new low, at $4,500, knocking a further $3 billion off the market. (Debrief lost $700 million—please send donations to [email protected]). So it […]

Stablecoin’s secret

The number of stablecoins has exploded in 2018 as companies line up to provide safe havens for scorned crypto investors. But their motivations are far from selfless.

Tether Burns. October 25, 2018.

500 million tethers burn. Japan lets crypto industry regulate itself. Indonesian company develops ‘Sharia-compliant’ blockchain bond service.

Good government. October 22, 2018.

Kraken stocks up on Tethers. Ethereum hard fork postponed. Vlad Zamfir published manifesto on ‘good faith’ governance. China to regulate individual nodes.

Tether is cut adrift

Like a journalist reporting from a flood, Tether is struggling to stay on its feet. Can it hold onto the title of crypto’s foremost stablecoin?

The powers that shouldn’t be. October 1, 2018.

Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, has built a new protocol for a “decentralized” Web that, he hopes, will de-fester the Internet of its Silicon Valley invigilators. The platform, called “Solid,” protects users’ data in a personal online data store, or “pod,” which is only accessible to the user. Messages, documents, photos, […]

August 28, 2018. Globe-trotting.

So-called “third wave” cryptocurrency platform IOTA, which uses a protocol called “tangle” to rapidly speed up transactions, has received backing from Japanese IT hardware giant Fujitsu. The multinational believes using IOTA’s infinitely scalable network to preserve complicated manufacturing records would render them more transparent and secure. The news caused a 21 percent spike IOTA’s value. […]