Tell it to the judge

A federal judge has ruled the SEC hasn’t done enough to prove Blockvest sold unregistered securities in its ICO. Hold your applause.

SEC: ICOs a no-no

The SEC’s latest enforcement seems to indicate that virtually no startup created in cryptoland is safe. Here’s why.


SEC orders EtherDelta to pay nearly $400k in fines for running an “unregistered securities exchange,” placing the future of all decentralized exchanges in jeopardy.

Mutably preserved

After soaring up the iTunes charts, Apple disappeared Anthony Pompliano’s Off the Chain podcast—without warning or explanation—only to put it right back up within days.

Blockchain calling

Though HTC lays claim to the world’s first “crypto phone,” the earliest call on the blockchain was made by a young upstart weeks ago.

Understanding Civil

The decentralized media platform wants to restore the Internet’s faith in journalism and fix the news business. Here’s how.